Woman paints fence to make her dog look like a king when he sticks his head through

Nowadays, a lot of people are feeling bored and want to have fun, so they are looking for new activities to do. Some people are doing chores at home while others are having fun online.

People are posting funny memes, videos, and happy things on social media to help them feel better and not lonely during the pandemic.

A cute bulldog from Denmark has become famous on the internet because people are sharing funny pictures and videos of him.
The pictures of bulldogs on social media pages bring happiness to people. “Oh my goodness. That’s hilarious and smart. ” “He is very unique and charming. ”

Lots of people marked their friends and family in the message and advised them to do the same thing for their own pet dogs. Some people showed pictures of their own version of it that they made at home.
This bulldog is becoming very popular on social media. She thinks it’s funny when people see things from the opposite side, but she believes it would be even more amusing if they painted something around the holes. She got the idea from amusement parks where people take pictures in holes.

Ranveig had an idea for a crown and jester hat. Even though she came up with the idea, it was her daughter who completed the paintings. When someone asked how she felt about Bogart becoming famous on the internet all of a sudden, she said it was a lot to handle. “I can’t believe that my silly-looking dog has become so popular on the internet,” she said.

She said that people she doesn’t know sometimes tell her that they find her dogs and the paintings on her fence very funny. Check out the video on a social media page to watch Bogart’s popular video and get ready to laugh.

So cute Thanks for making me laugh, Ranveig and Bogart.

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