Woman informed her pastor that she would no longer attend their church. «Before you go, I want to ask something…»

An analogy is a highly efficient method for conveying a message. When an individual expresses an idea, they typically provide numerous examples to illustrate similarities. A church pastor has a unique skill in utilizing analogies to communicate effectively. Pastor Andy Harris, from Haughton’s Church of the Cross, shared a story on Facebook concerning a woman who decided to exit her church following mistreatment by a few members of the congregation. Does this situation ring a bell.

Although it is not certain whether Pastor Andy’s account was grounded in reality, its persuasive correlation is powerful enough to convince us of its meaning regardless. As the story goes, a woman spoke to her pastor and communicated that she would be discontinuing her attendance at his church. She expressed dismay upon witnessing a woman discussing various issues within your church, such as a deceitful male member, the improper conduct of the worship team, and individuals engrossed in their mobile devices during services.

The pastor was not surprised to hear her reasoning, as he had already heard similar explanations, although it caused him grief. He allowed her to depart for that very cause. Before she parted, she did something extraordinary for him. Before your departure, I kindly request that you assist me by completing a task. This entails carrying a brimming glass of water and circumambulating the cathedral thrice, without inadvertently spilling even a single droplet on the ground. Subsequently, you are at liberty to depart from the place of worship. The request was quite peculiar, but the woman was confident it would be effortless.

She successfully carried out his instructions by walking around the church thrice with a full glass of water, and came back to him with the goal accomplished. “Did anyone catch your attention having a chat whilst wandering around the church. ” he asked “Not that I noticed,” she replied. He proceeded to ask if she had noticed any hypocritical behavior or spotted anyone engrossed in their mobile phones.

Once more, the woman responded with a negative answer. As the speaker conveyed a profound parable that resonated with both believers and nonbelievers, you were absorbed in your task of preventing any water spillage while handling a glass. This narrative aptly captures the parallelism between our daily lives and the preacher’s anecdote. As we fixate our gaze on Jesus, we become engrossed in his teachings, leaving no room to dwell on the faults of those around us. We will provide them with support while prioritizing our personal relationship with God. That, my comrades, is worthy of concluding with a remarkable microphone drop.

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