Two High School Football Teams Join Together To Pray Over Injured Player

In West Orange, Texas, a picture of two football teams praying for a hurt player is spreading widely across social media. Noah Taylor took a picture during a football game between Nederland and West Orange-Stark high schools in Texas on August 26.

In the second part of the game, a player from Nederland’s team who was returning the ball got hurt and had to stop playing. He didn’t move, and when the staff hurried to help him, the West Orange-Stark team asked the Nederland team to come. The picture shows them on their knees, praying together.

Noah Taylor took a photo of the players from both groups praying closely. He thinks it proves that there is still kindness in our neighborhoods. Beth West posted the photo. She wrote these things on Facebook. I am so proud of these young men.

I want this to become very popular because there is so much negative news lately. The media should show more of this instead of talking about differences between people. May God bless these young men and their parents for teaching them to be good. The boy was taken away quickly and got hurt in his head, but he will get better soon.

He left the hospital and went home on Saturday morning, August 27th, as stated in reports.

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