These two insist they are twins and have the perfect response for anyone who disagrees

Jia and Zuri are two cute six-year-old friends who love each other a lot. But if someone asks, they will say they are twins instead of just good friends.

Jia and her friend became close when they were three years old in Miami. They are still best friends now. Jia’s mom, Ashley, says this. They became good friends when people found out about them when they were four. As they got older, they became even better friends and now they say they are like brothers. Ashley says they will say they are twins and explain why in a lot of detail. The girls say that they were born on almost the same day. Jia says they are the same height and they wanted to wear matching costumes. This shows how alike they look. The girls celebrate their birthdays together because they were both born in June, on the 3rd and the 5th.

They both have really cute and similar personalities. Ashley said that both of them are full of positive energy, smart, and caring towards others. They both speak out a lot about what they want. We told the girls that it’s good to be different and make new friends every day. That’s what the speaker said. There are 15 students in the class who speak six different languages while they are at school.

Jia said that she liked chocolate more than vanilla and wished she had skin like Zuri’s. The moms of the girls, who are now good friends too, worried that society telling them how to feel about each other is not good. Some girls were at a party for a birthday when someone older told them they couldn’t be twins because their skin colors weren’t the same. Unfortunately, this has already occurred. Jia cried because someone said something mean, but she still managed to say something really hurtful.

She told me that I don’t understand what I’m saying. We are twins because we share the same soul. Zuri’s older sister, Victoria Williams, was very touched by Zuri’s reaction. She shared their conversation on Twitter and asked for people to show Zuri their support. It was a good reminder of what is important in life. Zuri’s mother, Valencia, wants them to always stay together.

Valencia from CBS News said that we can learn a lot from children and there is much for us to learn.

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