The judges and the audience were all stunned when this 6-year-old girl began singing «Girl On Fire» by Alicia Keys

Even though “Kid On Fire” by Alicia Keys presents numerous high notes, this six-year-old girl manages to sing it flawlessly, displaying true diva talent.

Chelsea, a typical six-year-old girl, stepped onto the stage wearing an attractive dress complemented by a hair ribbon, exuding an air of normality.

As she parted her lips and began to sing, the studio resonated with the reverberations of her stunning vocal performance.

The judges and spectators were equally amazed by her exceptional vocal abilities.

This young lady possesses immense potential to excel as a singer in the future. It is evident that she possesses great skill as she confidently chose to showcase her talent by performing Alicia Keys’ song.

The song “Girl On Fire” is a perfect fit for her singing style and personality, and Chelsea unequivocally delivered the song’s empowering message for women.

Access the complete audition video of Chelsea at this link.

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