The girl’s mother accused her of flirting with her stepfather and kicked her out of their home. Years later, everything was revealed

My mother accused me of dating my stepdad and sent me out. I hoped, though, that she would understand that she was wrong and welcome me. When our paths met again, though, things only got worse.

My father the family before I was born. Since then, Mom has done all she can to seek a new spouse. She was somewhat successful in her activities, and she met numerous wealthy, kind, and attractive men. But there was one snag. They all despised having a child around. «Ugh, Rei. I don’t want to be a parent. I didn’t agree to this! » A guy called James once said to me, «I never saw him with my mother again after that day.»

I’ll never forget how depressed my mother was following the break-ups. I used to think I was the greatest impediment to her happiness. So, after finishing high school, I went to a university in a faraway location so she might live happily ever after. She contacted me one day and claimed she’d finally met the guy of her dreams. Jade, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am right now. «I am finally married,» she said over the phone. «His name is Edward, and he promised to love you as if you were his own daughter.»

I was overjoyed for my mother «I hope you and your family are always happy, mum.» That’s all I needed!» «But that happiness would be nothing without you, Jade,» she went on. «So, you’ll be spending time with us next week.» I prepared a special meal for the three of us. I’ve already spoken with your principal, and he has given you permission to come home. «That’s fantastic, Mom!» I replied pleasantly. «I’m really excited to meet you and Edward.»

«You’re referring to your stepfather!» Mom interjected.

I was overjoyed to find that my mother had married. «OK, mum,» I said, laughing. «Dear STEPDAD! Happy? »

«Yes!» «See you soon, honey,» she added as she hung up the phone.

I couldn’t stop smiling once I got off the phone. Finally, my mother was content, and I was no longer a nuisance to her. I had no idea how brief my bliss would be. The next week, I packed my belongings and returned home. Mom and Edward met me when I finally arrived. As he reached me, Edward murmured, «Welcome home, honey.» I returned his grin. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Edward. «I also want to thank you for being there with my mother,» I remarked.

My mother and Edward seemed to be quite happy together. My mother embraced me as she collected my baggage. «We appreciate your presence, sweetheart. «Now hurry up and come eat supper.

I returned ten minutes later. I observed them preparing the supper table. They both seemed to be quite pleased with each other. «Come quickly, Jade!» Edward yelled as he saw me waiting near the stairs. «The meal is becoming chilly.» «Yeah, I’m coming,» I said, walking up to the table. Edward put a chair in front of me. «Be at ease, and if there is something you don’t like, please let me know,» he continued, smiling.

I was saying the truth. He was a gentleman, I thought to myself. However, as time went by, my feelings for Edward shifted dramatically. The reason was that he quickly began paying «special» attention to me, which I despised.

Edward began following me on social media. It all began on social media. He started liking all of my posts and saying things like, «Oh, you look incredibly gorgeous, Jade!» But that’s not the end of it. He’d put some extremely bad emojis after the text to make it appear worse. You are correct; Edward seemed to be a pervert. That’s when I began to dislike him. However, I did not notify my mother since I intended to expose him. But then he did something that crushed all of my aspirations.

I went into the kitchen to get some munchies. I was ready to leave after grabbing a package of chips when I saw Edward behind me. «You look great in those shorts, Jade,» he said. «You should wear them often.» «You’re truly pitiful, Edward,» I snarled. «I’ll expose you one day.» «Wait a minute!» Edward grinned. «We’ll take care of it, honey!» Anyway, since you have some spare time tonight, let’s meet in your room, «he murmured, taking my waist in his grip. He soon began to impose himself on me.

Edward began improperly touching me. Fortunately, my mother entered the kitchen at that time. I was overjoyed, thinking she’d finally understand that Edward wasn’t the right person for her. Instead of standing with me, she reacted negatively. «Pack your belongings and leave Jade.» «Right now!» I was taken aback. «What are you saying, Mom?»

I don’t want Jade to see you here. I can’t believe you’re using such cheap ways to lure your father! Just take a glance at your shorts! They’re enough to get any guy going! » Tears welled up in my eyes. «You’re incorrect, Mom! He was the one attempting to impose himself on me! «How could you even know…»

When my mother defended Edward, I felt awful.

She cut me off before I could finish. «I don’t want to hear anything. And I’m no longer paying your university tuition. If you remain on the roadways, you’ll realize how awful it is to mislead someone!» She then put me out on the streets. I didn’t have any money or a place to go back to. So I started working at several jobs to feed myself. All of the hard work, however, paid off seven years later. With the lack of help, I was able to build a profitable company. During my hard times, I worked in a cosmetic shop, where I dealt with a variety of clients and learned about the items. That knowledge was extremely beneficial to me, and I began saving money in order to start a new business. It took me some time to figure everything out, but everything worked out in the end. And I now own a massive cosmetics company.

But there was never a day when I didn’t miss my mother. I hoped she would meet me, and one day she did. She arrived at my workplace. «Mom, you’ve arrived!» «I’m overjoyed,» I murmured as I embraced her. «Well, Jade, I’m glad to see you, but I’m here for my debt,» she said. «I can’t believe you recognized your error, Mom.» «I’m overjoyed!» I shouted happily.

Mom gave me a strange look. «All right, Jade. I feel you misinterpreted what I said! Nothing is owed to you. In reality, you are the one who owes me money. You wouldn’t be as successful if I hadn’t evicted you. »

«Mom,» «You’re right, Jade. That’s correct! Please send me a check as soon as possible. I need money to get your stepfather out of jail. » His company collapsed, and his partners sued him for defrauding them, «she continued.»

I glared fiercely at her and summoned the security guards. «Please kick this lady out of the building and never allow her back in,» I said. To be honest, I didn’t want to hurt her. After all, she was my mother. But no one, I repeat, no one deserves to be treated the way my mother treated me for selfish reasons. I mean, she had totally transformed after meeting Edward. Was she ever in love with me, or was she just there to support me because she didn’t want to be alone? I’m still perplexed.

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