Longest-Living Married Couple In The U.S. Celebrate 86 Years Of Marriage

Ralph and Dorothy Kohler recently had a very special celebration that not many people get to have.

The Kohlers are a couple who live in Indio, California. They celebrated being married for 86 years, which makes them the longest married couple in the USA. Ralph and Dorothy got married in Tekamah, Nebraska a long time ago when they were both very young. Ralph was 18 and Dorothy was 17. They are now 104 and 103 years old.

The court officer said no to letting them get married because they thought they were too young. The person in charge of the court stopped Ralph and Dorothy for a little while, but they went somewhere else, got married, and are still together now. The couple has figured out what helps and what doesn’t help their relationship over time.

Drinking and smoking won’t help, but supporting your partner’s interests does help.

We both like something and that makes us feel love. Ralph said that they agreed to it, in case they did not decline it. Dorothy enjoys ballroom dancing, while I enjoy shooting clay targets. I started dancing with her, and she started shooting with me. The person who has been married for the longest time in the whole world is Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher from the United States. They were married for a really long time, 86 years and almost 10 months, but Herbert passed away on February 27, 2011.

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