Do you remember Lee Majors? He is 82 years old and still looks fantastic

Lee Majors has been influential in cinema and TV since the 1960s. He’s famous for his roles in “The Big Valley,” “The Fall Guy,” and “The Six Million Dollar Man.” He’s also shown his versatility in other action-adventure works. Despite loss and challenges, Majors perseveres. Majors changed career paths from athlete/coach to actor. Majors was a stuntman before becoming a full-time actor. As he got gigs, he rose to an action star. Despite obstacles, Majors persisted in achieving his goals. With over 50 years in entertainment, Lee Majors still looks as great as he did in “The Six Million Dollar Man.” Born on April 23, 1939 as Harvey Lee Yeary in Wyandotte, Michigan. His parents both died tragically, his father in a work accident before he was born and his mother in a vehicle accident when he was 16 months old.

Mildred and Harvey Yeary adopted Majors at age two and he moved to Middlesboro, Kentucky with them. Majors excelled in school, participated in various activities, and played football and ran track at Middlesboro High School. He received a football scholarship to Indiana University upon graduating in 1957. However, Majors moved to Eastern Kentucky University in 1959. The athlete’s promising career was ruined by a back injury sustained while playing football. The injury led Majors to pursue acting. He obtained history and physical education degrees in 1962 to become a football coach. Majors was doing well after recovering from a bad injury.

He declined St. tryouts. St. Louis Cardinals football club moved to Los Angeles. Majors was Recreation Director for North Hollywood Park and met entertainment industry leaders, including actors and professionals. Majors got his name from Johnny Majors, a UT player and coach. Majors began acting in 1964, with his first role in “Strait-Jacket.” Majors persevered despite unacknowledged performance.

He auditioned, landed small roles in «Gunsmoke» and «The Alfred Hitchcock Hour» in 1965, striving to make acting a full-time job. Majors regained his groove and landed a big break in «The Big Valley.» The show was a success, boosting his reputation as an actor. “I auditioned for ‘The Big Valley’ with 500 people, did a screen test with Burt Reynolds, Roy Thinnes, and Dennis Hopper, and then it got narrowed down more,” said Majors in 2015. I did another with a young actress to test if she could play my sister.

Then, I assumed I’d gotten the role. Majors related to the character due to similar childhood hardships. (or) Majors identified with character’s struggles from his own youth. “I lost my father before I was born and my mother when I was 16 months old due to a drunk driver while she was on her way to work.” I lived with distant cousins in Kentucky who raised me. It made me determined to establish my name and persevere through challenges. Majors’ career was taking off with numerous assignments. He co-starred in “Will Penny” and played the lead in “The Ballad of Andy Crocker” in 1968 and 1969, respectively. He also worked on “The Big Valley” until its cancellation in 1969. Majors found a new opportunity after his show ended – a deal with Universal Studios. Over time, new opportunities arose for Majors and he achieved another performance, elevating his career. In 1973, he played USAF Colonel Steve Austin, a former astronaut with bionic implants, in “The Six Million Dollar Man.”

It became a weekly series on ABC the following year. The show “The Six Million Dollar Man” was a global hit, loved in 70+ countries. This series was a turning point for Majors’ career, propelling him to pop superstar status. Majors had contract concerns with Universal Television due to the show’s popularity. Ratings declined, leading to its cancellation in 1978. The actor worked until the 1980s and was cast in a long-running TV series again. Majors played Colt Seavers, a stuntman and bounty hunter in “The Fall Guy” in 1981. The actor produced and directed the series, making him more visible. He sang the theme song, displaying another ability.

The show ran for five seasons and was a hit. Majors resumed his role as “The Six Million Dollar Man” alongside Lindsay Wagner in three crossover films in the 1980s. The Majors also starred in 80s films: “The Last Chase,” “Starflight,” and “Scrooged.” Majors reached success and continued his career in the 1990s and 2000s. During this period, he pursued new projects and showcased more facets of himself through his art. Majors voiced for «Grand Theft Auto: Vice City» and «Wapos Bay: The Series». Also appeared in «Ben 10: Race Against Time» and Bowling For Soup’s «When We Die» video in 2007. “Majors found time for love despite his busy schedule.” In 1961, he wed Kathy Robinson and had one child, Lee Majors, Jr. His son starred in three “Six Million Dollar/Bionic Woman” TV movies with Majors. Majors and Robinson divorced in 1964. Majors overcame sadness and married Farrah Fawcett on July 28, 1973. They divorced in Feb 1982. Their failed marriage inspired “Midnight Train to Georgia,” but the song’s characters were based on Fawcett and Majors. Gladys Knight & The Pips later recorded the song.

Majors wed Playboy Playmate Karen Velez in 1988 for a third time. The couple had three children before divorcing in 1994: Nikki, Dane, and Trey. In a Nov. 2015 interview with Den of Geek, Majors discussed his early days, career, and significant roles.

“Sometimes I remember it warmly, other times it was a lot of hard work – they ran over my buttocks,” said Majors. “I did 85% of my own stunts, but now I need a knee replacement.” Despite this, Majors remained positive, grateful for the great roles he played back to back. “18-19 western shows, 3 networks,” Majors recollected. “Despite his action star status, Majors aimed for family-friendly roles.” “Family was the focus of my episodes and series,” he said. People gathered at ‘Six Mill’ to witness the spectacle.

“Similar to ‘Fall Guy’ and ‘Big Valley,’ there wasn’t much violence, no explosions or gore as seen in current films.” Majors’ programs were personal. “I attended church in Kentucky growing up. It’s how we were raised,” he said. “Attended church on Sunday. Majors overcame hardships to succeed.” Despite setbacks, he persevered. “Majors’ advice to young performers shows his tenacity and refusal to quit.” “Don’t let the door slam on you,” he warned. Though minor, Majors worked in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Majors voiced Steve Austin in a 2009 episode of «Robot Chicken,» and had a brief role in three episodes of «Raising Hope» over three years. He voiced Jeff Tracy in «Thunderbirds Are Go» in 2019, one of his recent roles. Majors was an admired action hero with charm and impressive skills. The actor, 82, is still popular. He’s happily married to actress/model Faith Cross since Nov. 1, 2002. Majors stayed authentic as his career stalled but still won hearts. Opinion on Lee Majors? Share with friends and family!

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