A 10-year-old boy on «The Voice» turns every chair with a nostalgic 1973 Bob Dylan song

This short film showcases a remarkable musical ability that serves as a powerful reminder of what truly exceptional music can sound like. The young child performed a spooky rendition of Guns n’ Roses’ “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”.

Arthur is positioned at the center of the stage, poised to impress us as he participates in a blind audition for the voice kids. Arthur clicked his drumsticks and responded with a confirming sound. Faintly audible in the background were the musical notes strummed by the guitarist. Arthur belted a soulful rendition, clasping the microphone firmly in both palms. He uttered the initial words in a gentle tone.

Arthur plucked the strings of his acoustic guitar in response to the subtle beats produced by the drummer. The music band’s rhythm was forceful, washing over the entire stage in undulating waves like those on placid waters.

Arthur’s mastery of harmonics convinced a judge discreetly positioned to press the button. The rest of the judges stayed put and bided their time. With his amazing voice, Arthur captivated them to the point where they couldn’t resist clicking their buttons individually.

Backstage, Loulou stood as a resolute advocate for her son, Arthur. As the judges shifted their focus to Arthur, Loulou was overcome with emotion and began to cry, indicating that the youngster had successfully advanced in the talent competition.

Loulou was filled with happiness on this occasion. She shielded her face using her hands. As Arthur finished his song to thunderous applause, both the judges and audience showered him with praise.

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